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Change Your Customer Relationship and Eliminate Profit-Eroding Bad Habits

Posted 07 Apr, 2017 | Posted in: Newsletter
Tannis AshworthWritten by Tannis Ashworth

I had lunch recently with Mark S., owner of a small manufacturing and distribution firm who announced, “I had to divorce one of my largest customers today.” I wasn’t taken back by his statement, as I have always known Mark to manage his business well. However, I was curious to know, “Why?” His response was simple, “We weren’t making any… Read More

A Culture of Asking Questions

Posted 07 Apr, 2017 | Posted in: Newsletter
Richard HarringtonWritten by Richard Harrington

Commentary by Richard Harrington From: “Bursting the CEO Bubble” by Hal Gregersen, March/April 2017 In his excellent article in this month’s Harvard Business Review, Hal Gregersen details the issues facing senior leaders in organizations leading them to insulate themselves in a “cocoon.” The nature and power of their role leads employees often only telling them what they want to… Read More

Nothing Happens without an Order

Posted 07 Apr, 2017 | Posted in: Newsletter
Joanna VanDeWaterWritten by Joanna VanDeWater

Sales enablement is not about sales. “What? That doesn’t make sense,” you might think to yourself. I’ll go a little further. Sales enablement as a concept is flawed at its core. Bold words from someone who loves sales and makes a good living focused on sales enablement. Let me explain… I worked with an outstanding leader who often said, “Nothing… Read More

Market Elasticity: The Red Herring of B2B Pricing

Posted 07 Apr, 2017 | Posted in: Newsletter
Reed HoldenWritten by Reed Holden

It was a simple conversation with 40 pricing professionals, part of a “current events” topic in pricing session. Towards the end, one of the pricing directors for a line of machines raised her hand and said, “I’m about to have a special price promotion my product line of machines. What do you think?” Anyone in business just knows that dropping… Read More