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Channel Conflict With Nike and Amazon

For over a decade, athletic titan Nike declined to partner with Amazon, America’s largest online retailer. Nike held out, wanting to carefully control brand messaging while enjoying higher margins through its distribution network of brick and mortar stores. On June 29th, Nike conceded by confirming a deal with Amazon to sell and distribute apparel and footwear. Ironically, consumers may not notice… Read More

Dynamic Pricing Warning

Dynamic Pricing Should Come with a Warning Tag

Posted 26 Jul, 2017 | Posted in: Newsletter, Pricing | Tagged: , , ,
Richard HarringtonWritten by Richard Harrington

With astonishing speed, Uber has disrupted the taxicab industry. Others have looked at their success and dreamed of emulation. The strategy often touted for Uber’s success is surge pricing; charging higher prices at times of high demand. Surge pricing is an example of dynamic pricing, where the price fluctuates depending on one or more factors, like the demand for ride service…. Read More

Pricing impact on profitability

  In a recent HBR article, “Linear Thinking in a Non-Linear World,” the authors explain how our minds are naturally biased to assume every relationship between two variables is linear. We are trained to think that the impact on Y with a change in x will be in a fixed/constant proportion. Often, this is not the case and can lead… Read More

Is lowering your price a good product strategy

This is a story of a highly specialized drug, Ilaris, which is sold by Novartis for $16,000 a dose or $64,000 a year. They sell to under 10,000 patients a year. Novartis discovered that the drug may also have a beneficial impact on heart attack survivors. There are 615,000 survivors a year, 246,000 of whom would benefit from the use… Read More

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3 Ways To Start Building an Enterprise Sales Process

Posted 28 Jun, 2017 | Posted in: Newsletter | Tagged: ,
Joanna VanDeWaterWritten by Joanna VanDeWater

Most sellers follow some sort of sales process. The companies for whom they work may not label specific stages or track opportunities within them; nevertheless, the process exists. As an independent business owner, I was keenly aware of how many people I needed to contact to hold a certain number of consulting appointments to sell a certain number of products…. Read More

Drive Your Value Message with White Space

Posted 28 Jun, 2017 | Posted in: Newsletter | Tagged: ,
Travis UmplebyWritten by Travis Umpleby

You are sitting across the table from an important influencer within your customer’s buying center. You scheduled this meeting to outline how your new product helps the customer’s teams improve performance. You present one customer value prop after another, so many in fact, there’s no way you can lose. Except for one thing. The value proposition that the influencer cares… Read More