You’ve built your processes.
You’ve implemented your software or SaaS tools.
You’ve seen some improvement, but you know there’s more to be had.

Now what?

Customer Value

Value has the power to align sometimes disparate functions within an organization, keep companies out of the commodity trap, and arm sales for value selling with the information to thwart Poker Playing procurement professionals.

In short, it’s the antidote for today’s most challenging business issues.

Holden Advisors has dedicated the past 15 years to helping clients build value cultures which result in the transformation, acquisition, or retention of profitable customers. How can we help your organization build a value culture?

Improve your organization’s skills and capabilities

Holden Advisors’ Value Transformation WorkshopsSM build your team’s capabilities to understand, communicate, and capture value.  Our time-tested approach drives sustainable, market-leading growth, improved ROS, higher margins, and cross-functional alignment.

We teach our value clients to:

  • Understand their differential value and have the backbone to get paid for it
  • Build and refresh a product-services portfolio to tune value delivered to customer needs
  • Embed value into the product and service innovation process
  • Level the playing field by getting beyond procurement to have value-based conversations with users and decision-makers

Using your own customer situations and actual deals as case studies, our expert facilitators help you embed value capabilities into your organization to identify and quantify your differential value, define good-better-best offerings aligned to value, price offerings to take a fair share of that value, and develop sales tools that communicate value in terms credible to customers.  All workshops focus on hands-on application to ensure your team can start to utilize the skills they learn the very next day.

Let us do the heavy lifting 

Want a fast start to researching and aligning on value in your organization?  Let our team do the heavy-lifting.  Our expert value team will work with a cross-functional core team on your side to uncover how you are different from the competition, and how that difference impacts your customer’s bottom-line.  While our team lays out the plan and execution, your team shadows our experts in planning and in the field as we research and quantify your value.  At the end of the initiative, your team will not only own the result, but they own the process that they can implement on their own.

Knowing your value can have a number of benefits:

  • An “outside-in” perspective on value that will help transform functional silos into cross-functional, customer facing teams
  • Improve customer targeting, expand your sales teams’ reach outside the buying center, and identify new markets for sales to pursue
  • Inform pricing for higher margins, especially for new products and services
  • Provide a solid rationale for pricing that can be used to support a more effective price increases

Call us today to discuss how you can develop this “outside-in” view and realize breakthrough growth.