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We meet and work with sales managers all over the globe and a question we are asked frequently is, “Why can’t my sellers close the deal?”  It is an important question to consider, but we must first establish a few assumptions. Sellers want to close the deal – it’s how they get paid and makes them feel great! Closing is… Read More

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3 Ways To Start Building an Enterprise Sales Process

Posted 28 Jun, 2017 | Posted in: Newsletter | Tagged: ,
Joanna VanDeWaterWritten by Joanna VanDeWater

Most sellers follow some sort of sales process. The companies for whom they work may not label specific stages or track opportunities within them; nevertheless, the process exists. As an independent business owner, I was keenly aware of how many people I needed to contact to hold a certain number of consulting appointments to sell a certain number of products…. Read More

Influencers – The Force Behind The Sales Negotiation

Posted 09 Aug, 2016 | Posted in: Sales Effectiveness | Tagged: , ,
Tannis AshworthWritten by Tannis Ashworth

In a recent conversation with a sales team, we learned they had invested days into writing a fifty page RFP for a 15-year customer.   The team had done their homework, using their contacts to determine which elements of their response should be emphasized.  The date for all vendors to present to the selection committee was scheduled.  However, a week… Read More