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In recent years, the word value has become almost meaningless. This watered-down version of value frustrates anyone striving to improve sales effectiveness and overall business results. We know customers want value. But, what does that mean exactly? Real value is simple. If what you deliver creates measurable financial impact that is relevant and meaningful to your customers, then you deliver… Read More

As a pricing professional, I always love to quote the study that a 1% improvement in price leads to 11% in operating profit, whereas a 1% increase in volume sold improves only by 3.3%[1]. If the business case for managing and improving price is so apparent, why don’t more companies do it? There are multiple factors why a price improvement… Read More

Sales Transformation Experts

Commentary from WSJ Aug 17, 2017 “How Oracle Engineered Its Sales Staff for the Cloud” As sales transformation experts, we often advise our clients to be wary of “the strategic accounts that you cannot afford to lose.” Typically, customer-facing teams are bending over backwards to service these big “strategic” accounts to the detriment of smaller customers who provide better margins… Read More

Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations

How Well Does Your Sales Team Harvest Value? As the understanding and communication of value matures in a sales organization, the payoff to a company’s profit increases.  This truth is widely accepted, like that fire is hot or rain is wet.  If the fact that value creation and harvesting has profit implications is no surprise to anyone, why do so… Read More

Manage Sales with Backbone

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Reed HoldenWritten by Reed Holden

We talk a lot about how sales teams can Negotiate with Backbone, and rightly so.  This is a huge opportunity to take action in limiting discounts that companies think they need to give to win business.  Our clients’ sales teams are making significant improvements on margin in negotiating their very next deal after learning the Backbone framework. The key to success… Read More

What if I told you that just by focusing on improving your teams’ price negotiation muscles, you can improve your topline by 2 or 3%, maybe more?  What would this mean to the profitability of your company?  What would this mean for your own compensation?  Here are three simple but powerful backbone-building resolutions that will help your teams work smarter,… Read More