Dynamic Pricing Warning

An RFP Just Arrived… An RFP just arrived in your email. No, you were not expecting this RFP: it came out of the blue.  It could have come from that company, that organization, or that agency you have approached time and again. You might have already been doing business or never worked with them at all. That does not matter,… Read More

Influencers – The Force Behind The Sales Negotiation

Posted 09 Aug, 2016 | Posted in: Sales Effectiveness | Tagged: , ,
Tannis AshworthWritten by Tannis Ashworth

In a recent conversation with a sales team, we learned they had invested days into writing a fifty page RFP for a 15-year customer.   The team had done their homework, using their contacts to determine which elements of their response should be emphasized.  The date for all vendors to present to the selection committee was scheduled.  However, a week… Read More