Recently, a Tesla owner tweeted his dissatisfaction at having to wait at supercharging stations, complaining that too many people are using the spots to park for long periods of time, including overnight.   Elon Musk responded that the owner was right and the waiting must change.  Within a week, Musk instituted a $.40/minute charge, payable at the next service appointment, for… Read More

The Epitome of Executive Support for Pricing

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Adele McleanWritten by Adele Mclean

From: Inc.  Elon Musk Shows How to Be a Great Boss in 1 Simple Letter Recently I recorded a Pricing Podcast with the Professional Pricing Society all about the need for executive support for pricing transformation.  So I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was to see Elon Musk’s letter to his employees affirming Tesla’s  ‘no negotiation, no discount’ policy. His… Read More