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Mayuresh Saravanakumar lays out his framework in the video below for creating a simple approach to pricing analytics success:  Identify, attack, and monitor. See also Mayuresh’s other blogs on pricing analytics including examples analyses and dashboards here.      

In the previous three articles in the series What Gets Measured Gets Done, we discussed some basic reporting that every pricing and/or sales operations team should use to drive improved profits for the business. In this last article of the series, we are going to talk about uncovering the drivers of discounting and the effectiveness of an organization’s profit improvement initiatives… Read More

The Epitome of Executive Support for Pricing

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Adele McleanWritten by Adele Mclean

From: Inc.  Elon Musk Shows How to Be a Great Boss in 1 Simple Letter http://www.inc.com/diane-currie-sam/elon-musk-shows-how-to-be-a-great-boss-in-one-simple-letter.html?cid=sf01002& Recently I recorded a Pricing Podcast with the Professional Pricing Society all about the need for executive support for pricing transformation.  So I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was to see Elon Musk’s letter to his employees affirming Tesla’s  ‘no negotiation, no discount’ policy. His… Read More