Top 3 Pricing and Sales Blogs of 2017

‘Tis the season for car commercials and countdowns.  I will spare you the sentimentality of the great American holiday car spots.  Instead, I bring you a bit of fun to close out this holiday season.  We’ve had a super year working on really complex and challenging pricing issues, discovering hidden value for clients, and working with sales people to protect… Read More

Do you deliver value that is not captured in price? Do you provide services that are under-appreciated by your customers? If you answered “yes,” you have lots of good company. We constantly see organizations miss the potential to capture value because of misaligned price metrics, offering extra services above and beyond contract agreements, all you can eat offerings, and poor… Read More

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Mayuresh Saravanakumar lays out his framework in the video below for creating a simple approach to pricing analytics success:  Identify, attack, and monitor. See also Mayuresh’s other blogs on pricing analytics including examples analyses and dashboards here.      

In the previous three articles in the series What Gets Measured Gets Done, we discussed some basic reporting that every pricing and/or sales operations team should use to drive improved profits for the business. In this last article of the series, we are going to talk about uncovering the drivers of discounting and the effectiveness of an organization’s profit improvement initiatives… Read More

Pricing & Revenue Dashboards: Keys to Profit Improvement

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Mayuresh SaravanakumarWritten by Mayuresh Saravanakumar

In my previous blog post, “Discounting Control Tool of Choice- The Price Plot” we discussed how a price plot, a very simple tool, can help an organization uncover very deep insights. This week we are going to discuss how to develop pricing and revenue dashboards. These are again comparatively easy to develop, and will have a profound impact on decision-making in… Read More

Discounting Control Tool of Choice- The Price Plot

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Mayuresh SaravanakumarWritten by Mayuresh Saravanakumar

Last week in my blog post “What Gets Measured Gets Done”, we discussed how important it is to measure pricing data to support insightful decision making. As a continuation of last week’s article, let’s discuss the approach we took for one of our clients –  specifically the price plot. We prepared a price plot to understand the overall discounting culture… Read More