take tough negotiating tactics

Over the past year, I have noticed an increase in “scorched earth” negotiating tactics. These are tactics which move beyond “going kamikaze” that I talk about in Negotiating with Backbone. This new tactic indicates that the other party is going to angrily walk away from the deal and hurt each of the parties in doing so. Here’s what I have… Read More

Backbone for Big Law As someone who has spent over a decade in law firm business development, I can think of no better industry that should adopt Negotiating with Backbone. While lawyers are fantastic at negotiating on behalf of their clients, they abhor negotiating on their own behalf. The results: discounted fees and declining realization. A decade ago, realization hovered… Read More

Bully buyer

With the media full of reported bullying incidents in politics, schools, on sports teams, and in the work place, why do so many sales professionals put up with these similar tactics demonstrated by procurement? Some bullying experiences are subtle while some are more outrageous than others – downright kamikaze!  Negotiating Backbone is imperative for today’s sellers. But why is it… Read More

Recipe for Discount Disaster

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Tannis AshworthWritten by Tannis Ashworth

It’s true, customers cook up delectable discounts every year to get high value deals for discounted prices – here’s how they do it. Take 1 Proposal presented in Q4 Add a full measure of Nervous Sales Manager and a dash of year-end Executive Jitters Stir in Resistance and a spoonful of Deliberate Delay Bake ‘til mid-December on slow, even heat… Read More