Virtual Backbone:

Most procurement professionals receive negotiation training every quarter. These buyers are trained to:

    • control the conversation

    • make salespeople uncomfortable

    • challenge price during each step of the negotiation

Compare that to your sales team…

Are you ready to level the playing field and Negotiate with Backbone?

Build your negotiating backbone in 3 steps:

#1: Enroll in Digital Backbone for Immediate Results

Learn to easily identify the buyer behavior, your selling scenario and which tactics are best for your upcoming negotiation. Choose below to get started:

Backbone Essentials

– 2 Weeks Access

– 18 Self-paced Micro Modules

– Opportunity Qualifier Template


Backbone BASICS + Mobile Reinforcement

– 2 Months Access

– 20 Self-paced Micro Modules

– Opportunity Qualifier Template

– Negotiation Planning Tool

– Buyer Type Tells Checklist

– Backbone Negotiating Tactics Tool

– Mobile Reinforcement App

– 1 Refresher Module




#2: Attend a Backbone Virtual Event

Join a Backbone Virtual classroom to:

  • Identify the tactics that disguise poker playing buyers
  • Start your negotiation plan for an active deal in your pipeline
  • Participate in a Q&A with a Backbone Negotiation Expert

Our Virtual Backbone classrooms are 1-hour live events open to the public. Limited seats are available each month, so plan ahead.

Prerequisite: Backbone BASICS 


Or, enroll your sales team in a Backbone Virtual Workshop to:

  • Drive better understanding, management, and defense of value in tough negotiations
  • Apply the Backbone principles to active opportunities with team exercises and group discussion
  • Build a negotiation plan for an opportunity in each attendees pipeline using the Backbone Negotiation Planner

Our Backbone Virtual Workshops include four live, interactive, application-based virtual learning sessions over four days. The workshops are designed for up to 20 attendees. Contact us to learn more.

Prerequisite: Backbone BASICS 


#3: One-to-One Coaching for High Priority Deals

Do you have a deal you can’t afford to lose? Sign up for Virtual Coaching with a Backbone-certified Negotiator to:

    • Review your competitive landscape
    • Diagnose the customer buyer type and your selling scenario
    • Build a pricing and discount plan
    • Develop a value proposition with Give-Gets to defend the value you deliver
    • Prepare for the customer’s negotiating tactics, your response and their reaction
    • Work on multiple negotiation rounds to win the deal at your price

The One-to-One coaching experience with a Holden Advisors Backbone master negotiator can be customized to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more.

Prerequisite: Backbone BASICS


Backbone Mobile Reinforcement

Keep Backbone on hand with our mobile app

Sign up for our mobile reinforcement app now:


Backbone BASICS delivers deeper understanding

Short duration modules keep engagement high with bite-sized lessons

Strong narrative increases understanding and retention

Application of concepts tests understanding in favor of memorization

Vibrant and inspired visuals entertain and engage learners

Flexible. Anytime. Anywhere.

Access on any device

Access from any location

Learn at your own pace

Track your progress



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