Why It Works

Selling with Backbone is an initiative specifically designed to help Sellers engage both early in the customer’s decision process, when Buyers are most interested in having a value conversation, and higher in the organization, where the real decisions are made. The Objective: focus the time you spend with each customer on what matters most – improving business outcomes. The results of Selling with Backbone have shown that as you collaboratively strengthen and expand your relationships, you can substantially reduce unnecessary time spent with procurement, and thus providing value to your customers.

Bottom Line: Selling with Backbone will help you confidently explain why you are the best choice to solve your customers’ most urgent business needs.

The New Reality of Sales

Buyers expect Sellers to know their business as well as they do and provide a personalized business case

Buyers Expectations in Simple Figures

Expect that you know their industry and market

Expect that you know their business and pain points

Expect that you can quantify value for your solution

When to Open the Door

Aligning the selling dialogue with the buyer’s decision cycle

Selling with Backbone teaches Sellers how to enter the sales cycle early, when customers are most interested in value, vs. during negotiation, when Buyers are most focused on price.

With Selling with Backbone, you learn:

  • How to redirect your time away from procurement and towards your customers’ business

  • Why you are the best choice

  • How to engage in value talks across the sales cycle

  • How to close the sale at your price

  • How to build trust by measuring what you promised and communicate with the C-Suite

  • How to strengthen and expand key customer relationships

How to Own the Value Conversation

Value needs to be woven into the conversation throughout the sales cycle


Selling with Backbone: The Takeaways

  • Engage early to uncover unmet needs

  • Understand the customer’s business on a deep level to focus efforts and generate the biggest impact

  • Empower sales to confidently have high-impact value conversations

  • Build, retain and grow profitable customers