Backbone BASICS:

Digital Learning for Global Teams

Today’s salespeople are busier than ever with ever-growing quotas to meet. Taking them out of the field can be met with resistance, yet training and reinforcement are more critical than ever.

Enter Backbone BASICS, an advanced digital learning solution to provide the tools and confidence to negotiate deals and win at your price. Offered as part of our Negotiating with Backbone lineup, Backbone BASICS provides tangible skills and sales tools to apply in your next negotiation. The immediate impact to both revenue and profit will pay dividends for years to come.

Watch the video to learn more:

Digital learning designed for deeper understanding

Short duration modules keep engagement high with bite-sized lessons

Strong narrative increases understanding and retention

Application of concepts tests understanding in favor of memorization

Vibrant and inspired visuals entertain and engage learners

Backbone BASICS drives consistency

Single-purpose negotiation framework

Unified set of tools and sales aids

Best-in-class analytics to track progress

Comprehensive learning approach

Start with Backbone BASICS digital learning for a foundation of skills and concepts

Apply concepts to real deals in a 1- or 2- day facilitated, coached workshop with our experts

Mobile app utilizes AI and progressive learning to deliver customized content

Designed to meet your organization's needs

Access on any device

Access from any location

Learn at your own pace

Track your progress

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