Sales coaching and reinforcement are key to a successful initiative

Holden Advisors’ team of sales performance experts is here to help.  From many years of experience, we know that the best data, reports and intentions will not make new ways stick. For that to happen, you’ll need careful management and sales coaching to instill required changes in decision making, negotiations and daily behaviors.

Developing a Coaching Organization

At Holden Advisors, we not only provide one-on-one coaching but we also develop teams of coaches within client organizations.  Using workshops as the first step to developing pricing and negotiating capabilities and driving change, coaches reinforce key concepts with attendees to ensure better results.

Effective coaching within an organization:

    • Demonstrates organizational commitment to behavioral changes to accomplish common goals
    • Helps to establish a common language, process and a set of desired behaviors
    • Increases job satisfaction
    • Develops partners and teamwork

World-class coaches systematically:

    • Build receptivity to coaching
    • Know what behaviors to look for and model
    • Accurately recognize the effective behaviors when they see them
    • Provide specific feedback for reinforcement or change
    • Develop others with consistency and objectivity

Executive Coaching

Coaching leaders focus on individuals or teams that need to implement real strategy changes to improve profitability.  We start with deep-dive training initiatives to develop the Leadership Team’s knowledge in good pricing practices and price negotiation strategy.

We work one-on-one OR with teams to offer:

    • Executive workshops and road-mapping
    • Pricing with Confidence to develop better decision-making in pricing and profitability matters
    • Negotiating with Backbone for Leadership Teams
    • Coaching cross-functional teams to unify and align to value they bring to customers
    • Executive coaching for leaders that are aligning corporate pricing goals with field or plant operations
    • Consensus building coaching sessions to implement pricing governance
    • Sales leader coaching for nail-biting large scale price negotiations

See more in this section on these initiatives or call Carolyn Holden at 978-405-0021 or email to discuss your initiative and the support you need.

Coaching Refresher – Master Class

The Coaches Refresher is designed to support the coaches’ ability to advance negotiating best practices in the field.  Using complex case studies, coaches who attend this session will be equipped to reinforce Negotiating with Backbone skills at an advanced Mastery Level (Please note: requires prior Backbone Coaches class).

Coaches will learn how to:

  • Identify and apply negotiation best practices in an advanced role play setting
  • Hone feedback to guide effective negotiators based on specific behavioral models
  • Master coaching skills through each component of the Negotiating with Backbone framework including Analyzing an Account Summary, Qualifying an Opportunity, Quantifying Value, Identifying Buyer Types and Defining a Selling Position
  • Develop a strategy for implementing and reinforcing best practices in the field