There is one purpose for pricing in any organization: profit

Price with Confidence to Drive Profitable Growth

Many organizations take an ‘inside-out’ approach to pricing, and price to cover costs.  This approach can often lead to missed opportunities and pricing that’s too high.  Others set prices to meet market conditions or to drive market share. Unfortunately, when done incorrectly, this approach can lead to leaving money on the table, or worse, starting a price war.

Value-based pricing is at its core an ‘outside-in’ approach to pricing.  Combined with basic and complex analytics, value-based pricing will deliver price improvements and price points tied to differential value. Companies who employ this approach to pricing can drive profitable growth because the organization can:

  • Set price levels with confidence to create a clear rationale for pricing
  • Articulate the differentiated P&L impact of your offering to your customer
  • Align cross-functionally to understand, create, and monetize value for sustainable results
  • Focus on mutually beneficial growth by creating stronger relationships with customers

Our experienced pricing consulting teams work side-by-side with clients to realize:

Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations Breakthrough revenue and profit growth
Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations Short term wins and long term growth
Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations Backbone tactics for market-leading profitability

Pricing with Confidence® Services

Let our team do the heavy lifting and help transform your pricing, marketing, and selling functions into customer-facing teams, aligned around value, and committed to mutually beneficial growth for your customers and your organization.

Holden Advisors uses 10 simple rules as the framework to build breakthrough, profitable growth for our clients.  In fact, we wrote the book on it.  First introduced in Pricing with Confidence: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table, written by our founder Dr. Reed Holden, these rules seek to align all functions across an organization with the goal of growing revenue and profits – through sustainable, and transformational pricing power.


Pricing with Confidence is the leading text for executives who want to change the way their organization approaches pricing and drive breakthrough growth.  Written by Holden Advisors’ founder, Reed Holden, the book lays out 10 profit-growing rules that are based on the Pricing Leadership Framework.

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Impressive, wonderful, extremely professional. They relate to our issues, put thoughts into stories, and are B2B focused. Its refreshing to find consultation in our space. Much of the theoretical pricing is about B2C, and B2B is a totally different beast.

Senior Pricing Leader, Manufacturing