The Case ROITM Method: A Versatile Sales Tool for Defending Price

By Mark Burton and Alex Beram
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The Case ROITM is a proven method for quantifying the financial value a customer gains by using a company’s products and services versus the competition.  This method yields numerous benefits for both buyer and seller:

    • Sales personnel can use the findings of the Case ROI to formulate compelling value propositions and most importantly, to showcase the return on investment (over time) from using their products and services.
    • In the course of using the Case ROI to defend product and service value, the seller conveys not only a high level of knowledge of the business and operation of the customer, but a willingness to display the competitive alternative and how they compare.
    • It is a powerful tool for building customer relationships, showcasing differential value, and defending price at the negotiating table.
    • Additionally, companies glean extremely valuable information from their customers, and are able to feed this back into marketing, sales, and product development.  They are able to make more informed decisions about product offerings, and be far more calculated in serving their segments.

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