Build Price Negotiation Backbone into
Your Customer Facing Teams

Customer-facing teams naturally focus on delivering great service to their customers—but often the team can fall short when it comes to defending prices in a tough negotiation. Conflicting incentives, internal arguments, and strong-arm procurement tactics limit revenue and profit growth. Teams need to develop the skills and confidence to uncover value, get beyond procurement in the buying process, and defend prices to stop the greatest source of price leakage today – unnecessary negotiation concessions.

Negotiating with Backbone is an experiential initiative for customer-facing teams to prepare and practice price and value conversations to use throughout their sales cycles, and specifically over the course of tough negotiations. The goal is to arm salespeople and leaders with the knowledge and tools to effectively identify buyer behaviors and use battle-tested tactics to negotiate with procurement to realize higher prices.

Negotiating with Backbone goals and outcomes for customer facing teams:

  • Develop an account-specific negotiation plan to realize better pricing
  • Better understand the needs, interests, fears, and behaviors of procurement
  • Understand real customer value and its critical role in sales negotiations
  • Identify the eight selling scenarios and how to effectively employ strategies and tactics appropriate for each to win and win at the right price
  • Apply negotiation tactics to respond to strong arming procurement or other economic buying professionals
  • Organizational alignment on price and discount management
  • Executive sponsorship for change

Negotiating with Backbone is offered in a 2-day workshop with case studies and role plays, or a 1-day application workshop paired with Backbone BASICS Digital Learning Experience, followed up by our Backbone Reinforcement tool.

Backbone Participants’ Feedback


Impact and Results of Negotiating with Backbone

Companies using Negotiating with Backbone tactics report that they:

  • Close more deals, and at a higher average price
  • Improve sales efficiency by spotting “red flag” deals early, and consciously choosing which leads to pursue and which to drop
  • Broaden their relationships within accounts, by engaging in value conversations relevant to each
  • Know when to call procurement’s bluff when they are playing poker and dismissing your value
  • Recognize when customer requests to lower price are truly necessary versus spurious

Negotiating with Backbone Master Class

Restore power and confidence across your sales organization with the Negotiating with Backbone Master Class: an advanced simulation workshop tailored to your business, designed to build confidence and muscle for tough price discussions with customers.

This experiential approach to skill development allows business professionals to apply proven negotiating principles to their own complex and challenging market reality.  During this 1-Day workshop, participants will overcome the emotional and destructive responses to unnecessary discounting.

Sales leaders will be able to identify reinforcement and breakthrough coaching opportunities to improve bottom line performance.

This advanced 1-day session is for salespeople and leaders that have attended the 2-day Negotiating with Backbone training with case studies and role plays.  The session can be conducted with the coaches that were assigned to the salespeople in the first training.

Contact Carolyn Holden at 978.405.0021 or for more information.

Our training programs are part of the PPS CPP program.  Ask us how you can get credit.

Contact Carolyn Holden at 978.405.0021 or for more information.