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Mechell serves as the Senior Director of Sales Strategy. She brings over 20+ years of sales, strategy and sales effectiveness coaching with fortune 300 companies resulting in real time impact for business organization. She is responsible for overall customer selling strategy, building consultative selling skills, and account management processes.

Mechell was instrumental in developing a solution design team that was critical to a company’s bottom line growth and market share gains delivering over $333M in incremental revenue. She has built and developed strategic and best in class sales cultures by elevating new insight-led sales approaches to identify targeted growth strategies that drive results. This has given rise to millions in uncovered pipeline opportunities across various industries in underpenetrated markets while increasing customer loyalty and profitability. Her devotion to developing value driven sales strategies, people management strategies, and coaching methods to drive top-line growth, aligns with her passion to assist clients to become market leaders in their industries.

Mechell earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the Miller College of Business, with a minor in Psychological Science from the College of Science and Humanity, at Ball State University. She also holds certificates in various sales methodologies.