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Posted 02 Jan, 2019

Sales Performance Development Manager


A Sales Performance Development Manager with expertise in the science of selling to oversee design and development workshops, seminars, special events, change management strategies, training materials, job aids, self-paced and mediated instruction for adult learners. The role includes overseeing sales representative, sales coach and marketing performance development sessions using Holden Advisors’ existing intellectual property to meet the needs of an identified employee population or program client group. As a client advisor, this role is responsible for integrating Holden Advisors’ sales performance intellectual property with existing sales process and sales planning approaches. In addition, this role will be instrumental in moving the Holden Advisors’ sales performance roadmap forward.

Nature of Work

This professional consulting position utilizes and integrates Holden Advisors’ Negotiating with Backbone, Selling with Backbone and other intellectual property within client processes to support their learning and development needs. The position requires a thorough understanding of instructional design techniques as well as commercial (including, but not limited to, marketing and sales) processes. The applicant should have effective interviewing, written and oral communication skills in order to design curricula for the target audience in a variety of industries. The applicant’s responsibilities will also include identifying where Holden Advisors’ intellectual property could benefit future clients.
The curricula may include workshops, training sessions (both in-person and virtual) and training materials, including the development of client case studies and learning simulations. This type of instructional design requires business acumen, demonstrated skill in the development of training content for a sales and marketing audience and the ability to translate theoretical/conceptual information into clear and easily understood terminology. In addition, the applicant should have experience creating both generic and customized versions of the training materials for widespread and/or client-specific engagements.
Applicants should have knowledge of adult learning theory and practice, facilitation and training techniques, instructional design methods, digital learning applications, and proven knowledge of the program or training in sales and marketing. This position is distinguished from training support positions that are primarily involved with the administration, scheduling and record-keeping of adult learning experiences.
The position will report to Brian Doyle, Vice President at Holden Advisors.

Examples of Responsibilities

The following list provides examples of typical responsibilities for this position:

• Conduct training needs analysis for clients to support development of instructional designs
– Includes interviewing client representatives to uncover challenges and success goals
• Define end goals and learning objectives for each training initiative
• Develop training curricula, instructor manuals, learner guides, coaching guides and other materials, and/or script and utilize digital training programs that meet identified learning goals
• Create/adapt material for use in a variety of training modalities including classroom, webinar, digital learning and micro learning
• Collaborate with Holden Advisors Marketing to continue the development of the firm’s sales performance solutions
• Writing proposals for potential sales performance engagements
• Compile tests and other evaluations to be used to measure learning and performance as a result of learning initiatives
• Coordinate or perform administrative functions necessary to deliver and document learning and development programs
• Research, draft and submit newsletter articles that reflect the application of methodology to current industry trends
• Develop programs for organizational change and improvement using action research, organizational development and quality improvement concepts and methods
• Research the latest trends in instructional design and recommend ways to improve current and future training programs
• Contribute to team’s overall strategic approach to achieving client success
• Perform other duties as required including, but not limited to, periodic reporting and specific administrative requirements of a client engagement

Qualification Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a professional development and training position is required
• Master’s degree in Communication, Education, Adult Education or related field is preferred
• Successful background in sales and marketing with multi-national organizations is preferred
• Consulting experience a plus

Travel Requirements

Position may require domestic and international travel. Travel estimated at less than 10% but may require multiple trips in succession at the start of a project. Position can be based anywhere in the US.

Holden Advisors

Holden Advisors is a team of dedicated, energetic professionals from a variety of industries. We specialize in coaching clients to develop price to value capabilities and high-impact sales negotiation skills for optimal results. Our subject matter experts foster an outside-in view of the customer while providing a lens to diagnose and solve clients’ evolving issues. Our collaborative approach builds client capability which achieves improvement in return on sales, higher average margins and improved, cross-functional alignment. We are driven by our core values as an organization that respects and supports the people who work here. While we base our success on delivering outstanding work for our clients, we are dedicated to maintaining a fun and non-political environment. People who work here are personally invested in making a difference for our clients.

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Who We Are

Holden Advisors is a team of pacesetters. We specialize in coaching clients to develop price-to-value capabilities and high impact sales negotiation skills for optimal results. Our subject matter experts foster an outside-in view of the customer while providing a lens to diagnose and solve evolving issues. Our collaborative approach builds client capability which achieves improvement in ROS, higher average margins and improved cross-functional alignment.

Our Core Values

  • Client improvement
  • Open and honest communications
  • Positive conflict
  • Respect for the individual
  • The Power of Collaboration

 The Holden Advisors Difference

  • Thought-leadership.  We build competitive advantage in pricing by helping clients implement the right profit building solution.
  • Sales savvy.  We have the ability to improve sales effectiveness by addressing one of the most dreaded problems in the sales process: the price negotiation.
  • Collaboration.  We work with sales, marketing, finance and pricing to achieve pricing power.
  • Comprehensive view.  We look at both quantitative and qualitative aspects of pricing to help you illuminate an offering’s clear value to a customer.
  • Analytical and practical approach.  We transform exacting analysis into solutions your sales force can defend face to face with your customers.
  • Executive advisor.  We have decades of experience as sales managers, marketers, and world-class pricing leaders, so we know first-hand what you’re facing.
  • Focus on action.  We go beyond strategies and automated systems to help you build pricing confidence into the way your team operates.
  • Straight talk.  We identify the tough issues and tell you what we think and why—so you can confront challenges head-on.