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Posted 14 Dec, 2020


Holden Advisors, consultants with expertise focused on B2B pricing and negotiations, is seeking an experienced learning and development professional that understands the science of selling, how to drive behavioral change, and act as an advisor to clients. This role will oversee Holden Advisors’ sophisticated Negotiating with Backbone initiative as well as additional workshop initiatives in the Backbone suite to develop sellers’ capabilities in value conversations and price negotiation outcomes.

Specifically, this position requires instructional design knowledge and understanding of strategic account management to tailor the Backbone workshop sales curricula that our clients utilize. The curricula may include workshops, executive sessions (virtual or classroom) and workshop materials, sales tools and job aids, developing sales coaches, and customizing client case studies and learning simulations. Applicants should be able to translate complex negotiation and sales topics into easily understood training materials. Business acumen and knowledge of sales processes are a must.

This role consists of assessing B2B sales learning experiences and matching materials in a manner that results in the seller’s acquisition and application of knowledge and skills. Using our proprietary Backbone framework for commercial and sales teams, this role will recommend a system for assessing needs and design, developing materials, sales tools, and job aids, and evaluating their effectiveness. Importantly, this role interfaces with our clients’ sales enablement leaders to implement the suite of Backbone workshops based on each organization’s selling situation and industry nuances.

This role works with a client’s selected coaches to prepare them to coach their sellers, supports facilitators preparation, and can act in the role of virtual workshop producer.


  • Five years of experience in working with sophisticated sales enablement or negotiation workshop initiatives for corporate sellers and commercial excellence counterparts
  • Experience in developing digital and virtual learning using existing sales training initiative content to improve learning and retention
  • Proven experience with adult learning theory, ADDIE design, ATD certification or similar proven adult learning design for corporate sales, commercial teams
  • Skilled in virtual and digital learning and proven ability to develop interactive training in these formats
  • Ability to create strategic account case studies and instructor/coach/participant manuals
  • Ability to train selected client personnel to coach sellers in better negotiations
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple, engaging manner
  • Experience in developing and delivering persuasive and motivating presentations to all levels within an organization
  • Strong team building and collaboration skills
  • Demonstrated business acumen

Personal Attributes Needed to Succeed in this Role

  • Problem Solver
  • Creative Thinker
  • Team Player – we versus you
  • Being Patient and Kind
  • Firm Subject Matter Expert in the room
  • Ability to translate complex scenarios into the human element

To Apply

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Who We Are

Holden Advisors is a team of experts in B2B pricing consulting, customer value and price negotiations working with long-term clients to improve profit outcomes and sales performance. We specialize in advising clients to develop price-to-value capabilities and high impact sales negotiation skills for tangible financial improvement. Our subject matter experts foster an outside-in view of the customer while providing a lens to diagnose and solve pricing problems that interfere with profitable growth. Our collaborative approach builds client capabilities to realize their value and make profits grow.

Our Core Values

  • Client improvement
  • Open and honest communications
  • Positive conflict
  • Respect for the individual
  • The Power of Collaboration

 The Holden Advisors Difference

  • Thought-leadership.  We build competitive advantage in pricing by helping clients implement the right profit building solution.
  • Sales savvy.  We have the ability to improve sales effectiveness by addressing one of the most dreaded problems in the sales process: the price negotiation.
  • Collaboration.  We work with sales, marketing, finance and pricing to achieve pricing power.
  • Comprehensive view.  We look at both quantitative and qualitative aspects of pricing to help you illuminate an offering’s clear value to a customer.
  • Analytical and practical approach.  We transform exacting analysis into solutions your sales force can defend face to face with your customers.
  • Executive advisor.  We have decades of experience as sales managers, marketers, and world-class pricing leaders, so we know first-hand what you’re facing.
  • Focus on action.  We go beyond strategies and automated systems to help you build pricing confidence into the way your team operates.
  • Straight talk.  We identify the tough issues and tell you what we think and why—so you can confront challenges head-on.