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Posted 05 Nov, 2021

Holden Advisors is the category leader in B2B professional services in strategic pricing, selling and negotiations. We are an entrepreneurial firm that is expanding rapidly.  We are known for our mastery of B2B pricing, customer value and our book Pricing with Confidence and our leading book for sales execution, Negotiating with Backbone.

Our team is made up of thought leaders and influencers that are passionate about building breakout growth and profitability for our clients. While we are a US based business our clients take us every in the world. Our style is collegiate and collaborative with each other and with clients. We get results. Join us!

Sales Consulting Project Manager

The project manager role within Holden Advisors is a critical client facing role. The role is responsible for planning, executing, and evaluating projects according to strict timelines and budgets. He/She will work with consultants to manage sales strategy and account planning projects by organizing key workstreams and prioritizing tasks, storyboarding key deliverables, ensuring proper adherence to frameworks and methods, with an eye on quality throughout the project lifecycle.

Desired experience includes:

  • Understanding of sales pursuit and capturing/executing business with large, complex accounts
  • Developing and asking provocative questions
  • Consulting approach based on an insight-led consultative sales approach
  • Excellence with executive client interactions, persuasive and consensus building
  • Patience and tenacity for extended pursuits
  • Consensus building across functional teams – product, pricing, marketing, and commercial team
  • Knowledge transfer to support strategic account managers and teams
  • Sales management with demonstrable outcomes

Nature of Work

Our overall goal is to help our clients grow revenue and profit through better sales execution negotiation and pricing.

To achieve this goal, we are looking for a leader to guide our client to:

  • Organize workstreams to evaluate existing accounts to determine the best way to prioritize based on growing share of wallet
  • Assess the client team’s readiness for a major account plan transformation
  • Establish a team (Holden Advisors and client) operating rhythm to ensure project progress and reporting to client senior leaders
  • Document the account planning process that uncovers members of the buying center and their behaviors
    • Identify their customer’s key pain points and priorities
    • Understand and articulate their customer value
    • Align products, services and future capabilities with customer priorities
    • Create value messaging for their customers
  • Supports sales strategies to approach and partner with our client’s customers


Additionally, this role may partner with the following Holden Advisors teams:

  • Strategic pricing team to gather insight, define customer value, and to implement better pricing outcomes
  • Sales workshop leaders to instill customer value and build capabilities to sustain above average marketing growth


Prefer a minimum of 5 years’ experience in – project management, and an understanding of customer business needs to guide sales and account planning processes, value messaging and implementation of profitable pricing.

  • Bachelor’s and minimum of 5 years of relevant experience
  • MBA is preferred
  • Demonstrate a strong business acumen
  • Customer-facing experience to assess customer needs and to use resources available to meet those needs
  • Ability to tell a story to the client based on facts and solutions uncovered in the project
  • Excellent verbal and PowerPoint skills for clear and persuasive client presentations
  • Manage projects from development to closure
  • Responsible for project results along with the engagement lead
  • Work with engagement lead and stakeholders to complete project charter outlining scope and workstreams, goals, deliverables, required resources, budget, and timing
  • Complete work breakdown structure to estimate effort required for each task
  • Provide a project schedule to identify when each task will be performed
  • Clearly communicate expectations to team members and stakeholders
  • Act as a mediator between stakeholders and team members
  • Resolve any issues and solve problems throughout project lifecycle
  • Effectively manage project scope by ensuring any changes to scope are documented and approved with project change request
  • Determine if external contractors will be required to complete project. If required, recruit and manage appropriate staffing resources
  • Track and report on project milestones and provide project status reports
  • Complete a post-project evaluation to determine how well results are achieved
  • Develop tools and best practices for project management and execution

Desired Behaviors

  • Proactively gives, and is receptive to, candid feedback to/from colleagues and clients
  • Displays enthusiasm, proactivity, curiosity, and motivation
  • Relentlessly pursues and ensures high-quality deliverables
  • Works as a team player – rolls up his/her sleeves and produces work product as necessary
  • Embodies and reinforces Holden Advisors’ core values:
    • Client Improvement: not customer service. Our focus is to affect positive change by doing the things that benefit the client, even if there is resistance or hurdles to overcome. We would rather terminate a relationship than waste a client’s money and resources on projects that will not add value.
    • Respect for the individual: every individual with whom we come into contact deserves our respect. We want satisfied people in our firm and will strive to support them as they grow professionally and personally.
    • Positive Conflict: conflict is at the heart of change and it is only through positive conflict that we can begin to implement the changes needed to become more profitable and successful. Conflict which destroys the individual is useless; conflict, which is positive shows the way and pushes people, systems and, in the end, companies into better place.
    • The Power of Collaboration: no individual has the answer to everything. There is power in the expertise of others both inside and outside of our client firms. Our job is to draw from the expertise within the firm, supplement it with expertise from outside of the firm and help people develop the expertise they need to become more productive.
    • Open and Honest communications: tell people the things they need to hear in a compassionate manner. Even the tough messages involving performance and problems in the organization.

Travel Requirements

  • Post COVID, this position may require minimal travel based on client needs. Position can be based anywhere in the US.

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Who We Are

Holden Advisors is a team of experts in B2B pricing consulting, customer value and price negotiations working with long-term clients to improve profit outcomes and sales performance. We specialize in advising clients to develop price-to-value capabilities and high impact sales negotiation skills for tangible financial improvement. Our subject matter experts foster an outside-in view of the customer while providing a lens to diagnose and solve pricing problems that interfere with profitable growth. Our collaborative approach builds client capabilities to realize their value and make profits grow.

Our Core Values

  • Client improvement
  • Open and honest communications
  • Positive conflict
  • Respect for the individual
  • The Power of Collaboration

 The Holden Advisors Difference

  • Thought-leadership.  We build competitive advantage in pricing by helping clients implement the right profit building solution.
  • Sales savvy.  We have the ability to improve sales effectiveness by addressing one of the most dreaded problems in the sales process: the price negotiation.
  • Collaboration.  We work with sales, marketing, finance and pricing to achieve pricing power.
  • Comprehensive view.  We look at both quantitative and qualitative aspects of pricing to help you illuminate an offering’s clear value to a customer.
  • Analytical and practical approach.  We transform exacting analysis into solutions your sales force can defend face to face with your customers.
  • Executive advisor.  We have decades of experience as sales managers, marketers, and world-class pricing leaders, so we know first-hand what you’re facing.
  • Focus on action.  We go beyond strategies and automated systems to help you build pricing confidence into the way your team operates.
  • Straight talk.  We identify the tough issues and tell you what we think and why—so you can confront challenges head-on.