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The tale of the commodity Christmas tree. Twas the night before Christmas and all through Brooklyn people were buying North Carolina Christmas trees from a Canadian named Francois AND ‘not for Manhattan prices.’ This story starts off with François offering options for his price sensitive buyer.  Providing trees with ‘two different personalities – you have the skinny one and the… Read More

Recipe for Discount Disaster

Posted 14 Dec, 2015 | Posted in: Sales Effectiveness | Tagged: ,
Tannis AshworthWritten by Tannis Ashworth

It’s true, customers cook up delectable discounts every year to get high value deals for discounted prices – here’s how they do it. Take 1 Proposal presented in Q4 Add a full measure of Nervous Sales Manager and a dash of year-end Executive Jitters Stir in Resistance and a spoonful of Deliberate Delay Bake ‘til mid-December on slow, even heat… Read More

New Year, New Price

Posted 03 Nov, 2015 | Posted in: Sales Effectiveness | Tagged:
Chris MitchellWritten by Chris Mitchell

At this moment, your organization may be planning price increases for 2016.  Price setting is one thing, while ‘price getting’ is quite another.  In a recent poll, I asked participants, “How many organizations lacked discounting discipline?” and, most hands went up. I followed this question with another, “How many of you are planning price increases for next year?” and, again… Read More

The New Value Alchemy

Posted 25 Aug, 2015 | Posted in: Sales Effectiveness | Tagged:
Ellen QuackenbushWritten by Ellen Quackenbush

Wireless carriers continue to amaze me by their drive to race each other to the bottom of the pricing curve.  Who can lose money faster to grab new customers? But my recent experience with Verizon tops it all. First, I must confess to being a bit of a technology Luddite. My twenty-something kids write me off in this department.  I… Read More