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Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street

Reviewed 18 Sep, 2018

Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street, 2008, Ballentine Books, New York, NY.

I’ve got to admit that I was skeptical when I started reading this book.

Strike One: the recommendations came from a CEO that I met at a bar—always a questionable place to get advice on just about anything.

Strike Two: the book is only about how to hire people.

Two strikes, right?  Wrong! The authors point out that hiring is the most important thing executives do. After reading the book, I’ve got to agree. At the end of the day, if you can hire the right people, they’ll figure out how to get the rest of the job done. The book presents a highly structured yet simple approach to the process—one that I wish more companies would use. And, it’s loaded with good examples and stories. Highly recommended.

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