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This Brave New World: India, China, and the United States

Reviewed 12 Dec, 2017

This Brave New World: India, China, and the United States, by Anja Manuel, 2016, Simon and Schuster, New York, NY.

This book hit the pile from a list of books CEO’s were reading over the summer.  Due to the title and my primary interest in business, not geo-political economics, this book kept slipping to the bottom.  That was a mistake.  This is not only a good book, it is an important one.  Our world is changing.  Both India and China are rising to take their place in the new global order.  The problem is that many of our global systems like the UN and the International Monetary Fund were established shortly after WWII when neither country contributed much to the global economy.  As business leaders, we have to move beyond the current inflaming political rhetoric that comes from both U.S. parties to a better understanding of the upcoming global order from a political, economic, and military perspective and the issues and opportunities with that evolution.  This is the book to help you sort through the complexity.

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