Sales Performance, Value, and Pricing Consultants

We Fuel Transformative Growth

We are a team of change agents and B2B value, pricing, and sales performance experts. We are on the frontlines of helping companies develop value know-how, build cross-functional alignment, create value-based, go-to-market strategies, set and get prices, and enable market-leading results.  We fuel transformative growth for our clients with our proven methodology, driving improvements in revenue AND profits, close rates, ROS, margins and internal cooperation.

We collaborate with clients who are:

Coping with industry commoditization

Facing increasingly aggressive procurement professionals

Struggling to make price increases stick

Experiencing increasing internal negotiations over discounting

Suffering from poor communications between pricing and sales

Seeking breakout growth, but don’t know how to get there

In need of an organizational transformation with major profit uplift

Holden Advisors Is Different

Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations

We are industry pacesetters

We created the ground-breaking thought leadership in executing price through sales.
Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations

We build in-house capabilities

We believe in creating resilient value cultures that sustain pricing improvement. We foster capabilities, not dependence.
Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations

We know sales

We don’t create strategies that are cumbersome and too complex to execute. Our results are sales-ready, simple and compelling.
Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations

We make change stick

Decades of pricing consulting have taught us how to work across functions and levels in an organization to make changes stick.

Our Approach

The Pricing Leadership FrameworkSM: Take Control of Value

Organizations moving towards a value culture must focus on specific pricing capabilities and activities. Pricing occurs at two levels: strategic and tactical. Each must be addressed with equal tenacity to achieve an effective and sustainable pricing power.


Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations
The tactical level of pricing is where the rules of engagement for price negotiations are managed, and where companies will oversee transaction pricing.
Holden Advisors uses this Pricing Leadership Framework to help our clients identify areas of profit uplift opportunity and then develop a realistic and actionable plan that will result in faster responses in negotiations, tighter price controls, functional alignment, and most importantly, profit growth.


Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations
Pricing at the strategic level involves setting the right prices and offering strategies as a foundation to establishing list prices. Here is where organizations will implement their basic pricing strategy: cost-plus, market-driven, or value-based pricing.




Current Deals

Competitor Tactics

Customer Tactics

Short-term Business Performance

Customer Value

Business Objectives

Competitive Position

Cost & Capacity


Define Pricing Policies

Discounting rules & management

Develop Pricing Analytics

Metrics, performance & monitoring

Create Sales Tools & Training

Quantified ROI & targeting tools

Define Negotiations Strategies

Buyer analysis & responses

Drive Price Alignment

Coordination & Monitoring

Define Segments

Differentiated by value

Define Pricing Strategy

Skim, neutral, penetrate

Create Offering Structure

Aligned to value segments

Set Price Levels

Aligned to value

Establish Price Rules

Metrics & price fences


Controlled Price Management

Increase price realization

Value-Based Offerings & Prices

Align prices, offerings & customer value

Business Results

Above Industry Average


Revenue Growth

Profit growth


Our trusted partners are firms and individuals with unique and specialized skills we call in to work with us on projects when needed. Our relationships are non-contractual and non-financial. These are people who do good work in their respective areas, and we recommend them to our clients.

Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations

Digital Learning

SwissVBS is a Brandon Hall Award of Excellence winner and full-service digital learning, design and production agency, focused on providing value at every step of the learning journey. They leverage their suite of offerings to create industry-leading, customized learning solutions that drive meaningful change in behavior and performance.

Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations

Sales Effectiveness

Qvidian Sales Playbook aligns your sales enablement tools with your customer’s buying  cycle and presents them to your salespeople within the context of a deal. Close more deals and increase the effectiveness of your sales team with Qvidian’s cloud-based applications, used by some of the world’s largest and most  successful corporations.

Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations

Professional Pricing Society

The Professional Pricing Society’s mission is to nurture a growing community of  pricing professionals committed to disseminating pricing expertise throughout  the business world. We do this by providing a multi-platform forum through which exceptionally talented and creative experts can exchange cutting edge pricing  strategies, tactics and technology. In short, we connect great ideas with great people. PPS produces three major annual pricing conferences in Europe and North America.


AlignAlytics‘ solutions have a reputation for intellectual rigour, customer focus, agility, speed and ease of implementation.

Early experiences in manually intensive, data-driven analysis with firms like McKinsey and Bain led to a conviction: “there has to be a better way” to provide profound, sustained insights for decision-making – reports have a short shelf life. Since then we have enjoyed a 20 year track record of innovation in applied analytics across the globe with consultants and data scientists located across 5 offices.

We have a 20 year history of thought leadership in analytics, with authorship of multiple books as well as business frameworks, and business simulations and workshops.