The Values Instilled In Holden Advisors

[ Client Improvement ]

Not customer service. We would rather end a relationship than waste a client’s money and resources on projects that won’t improve profitability.

[ Respect for the Individual ]

We believe every person deserves the chance to be heard, to be developed and to be recognized. We invest in our employees’ growth – professionally and personally.

[ Positive Conflict ]

Conflict is at the heart of change, and through it, companies become more successful. But, conflict for conflict sake is useless. We speak the hard truth with the intent to move forward.

[ The Power of Collaboration ]

No individual has the answer to everything. There is power in the expertise of others, both inside and outside of our client firms.

[ Open and Honest Communication ]

We say the things that are difficult to hear in a caring way. Equally, we open ourselves up to the truth. Soft pedaling stagnates relationships and companies.