“In the wake of this crisis, you probably want to be the kind of business that’s creating more value than you capture.” -Dr. Angus Hervey

Businesses are under more scrutiny now than ever, and your salespeople need to rise above rhetoric. We firmly believe that adaptability in today’s climate is key to our clients’ success. Business priorities have been reshaped and we have adapted to offer our first-of-its-kind Virtual Backbone initiative to help sales teams defend their price and value in a postpandemic world.

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Negotiating with Backbone

Today’s greatest drain on profit is the price negotiation.

  • Relentlessly accommodating customer pricing requests
  • Going the extra mile to please a customer with a low price
  • Giving away extra services for free
  • Never saying no

All these actions hurt Selling Performance. Instill pricing confidence and commercial teams can negotiate with Backbone to win with tough buyers.

We build your commercial team’s capability to win during stressful procurement driven price negotiations.

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How are you preparing for your price negotiation?

Save on travel and time spent away from your customers. Prepare now with virtual Backbone

Our Results

120% increase in profits

After implementing a comprehensive price increase strategy, our client experienced a 120% uplift in profits and 100% customer retention.

Following completion of a Negotiating with Backbone engagement, a financial services client realized $65M in revenue improvement from a single customer negotiation.

Building and delivering a refined pricing policy alongside a tiered pricing structure generated $450M of growth in operating income for our client.


We work with commercial teams to confirm that a company’s value is being priced right. We apply real-world experience and proven methods captured in our best-selling book Pricing with Confidence to tackle any pricing topic.

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We motivate commercial teams to champion and better capture their company’s value. Our proven framework Negotiating with Backbone helps sales reps quickly diagnose buyer types and adjust their approach with confidence.

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Our Approach

We focus on uncovering customer value to inform price strategy, price setting and value conversations with customers. This relentless focus on value to customers is the key to price leadership.

"[Holden Advisors] gave us the power-boost needed to win more deals when applying our sales methodology to every customer opportunity"Senior Account Executive, Data Services