What We Do

We help commercial teams know, price and sell their company’s value in a way the salesforce can champion and their customers want. We use proven, straightforward methods and frameworks that build lasting skills and develop teams.

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Holden Advisors has dedicated more than 15 years to helping clients focus on value to acquire, develop and retain profitable customers.

Our value-driven solutions enable our clients to:


Our Approach

We believe every company can increase profits when they focus on knowing, pricing and selling their value to customers – those who consistently deliver their value enable their customers to win more.

Our Results

120% increase in profits

After implementing a comprehensive price increase strategy, our client experienced a 120% uplift in profits and 100% customer retention.

Following completion of a Negotiating with Backbone engagement, a financial services client realized $65M in revenue improvement from a single customer negotiation.

Building and delivering a refined pricing policy alongside a tiered pricing structure generated $450M of growth in operating income for our client.

"[Holden Advisors] gave us the power-boost needed to win more deals when applying our sales methodology to every customer opportunity"Senior Account Executive, Data Services


We work with commercial teams to confirm that a company’s value is being priced right. We apply real-world experience and proven methods captured in our best-selling book Pricing with Confidence to tackle any pricing topic.

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We motivate commercial teams to champion and better capture their company’s value. Our proven framework Negotiating with Backbone helps sales reps quickly diagnose buyer types and adjust their approach with confidence.

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