Inspire Action with Programs for National Sales Meetings or Management Retreats

Looking for some inspiration at your next Sales and Management meeting?  Does your event need a speaker to engage and energize your team?  Companies can get stuck in familiar sales approaches and often need insight to get their teams moving to confront the issues they face in the field every day. Our seasoned, motivational keynote speakers bring global experience and the ability to challenge status quo thinking with real-life stories and practical advice. Let us work with you to ensure your next meeting investment gets the return you need with a keynote that is tuned to your business goals and objectives.

We offer five standard programs, each of which can be customized, or we can work with you to design a specific program to meet your needs.

Program 1: Build Backbone to Win the Negotiation

Target Audience: Sales and Marketing Organizations

Does your sales force know how they make value real for their customers?  Are they confident that the price is fair?  If the answer to either question is no, chances are your sales force succumbs to discount demands with desperation pricing and your company’s profit margins are at risk. As attendees at a Backbone session, seasoned sellers will recognize how they have been played by Poker Playing customers and will come away from the keynote with powerful insights to:

    • Assess their true strength at the negotiation table
    • Identify the “tells” of poker playing customers
    • Use valuable options to call a poker player’s bluff
    • Protect and defend high value offerings
    • Exercise Brinkmanship and develop a ‘walk away’ stance to hold their position

Program 2: Winning the Deal and Keeping Your Price

Target Audience: Sales Executives

Hunting for profits?  Wondering how you can protect your margins?  World-class organizations recognize that defending even 1% in price in a $5M deal drops $50K in margin to the bottom line.  We will show you the winning strategies to combat the new procurement playbook and how to develop your own plays to take back the field.

Everyone in the organization—from pricing, marketing and sales leadership will benefit from attending this session where they will hear how they can play a role in protecting the company’s value and getting the price that fairly reflects that value.

Attendees will hear strategies to:

    • Decode the buyer’s position and tactics
    • Qualify deals to determine when to respond to a RFP
    • Make better decisions for resource allocation
    • Decrease the dependency on executive bail outs to “save the deal”
    • Map the buying center to better manage procurement gatekeepers
    • Know your position at the bargaining table and how your strengths can be leveraged to close profitable business

Program 3: You Are NOT a Commodity!

Target Audience: Sales and Marketing Organization

Is Procurement’s ‘cage rattling’ diminishing the confidence of your sales force?  Have they threatened to put the purchase to bid?  Are they dangling your competitions ‘low bid’ as a rationale for your sellers to discount?  Truth is, to effectively deal with the buyer tactics listed above, your sellers need to understand their position at the negotiation table.  Real value needs to be fully articulated in terms that directly impact the customer’s business.  Whether selling a complex offering or selling commodities that ensure a well-managed and robust supply chain, sellers need to develop ‘Knock ‘Em Dead’ strategies to overcome their fears in the midst of cage rattling circumstances. Attendees will learn how to:

    • Assess the importance of risk in the buyer’s purchase decisions
    • Distinguish Price Buyers, who truly want the lowest-cost solution, from Poker Players, who are just trying to get high-value offerings at a low price
    • Leverage services and supply chain risk mitigation to justify a premium
    • Use trust to cement customer relationships

Program 4: Brinksmanship—Overcoming the Theatrical Con

Target Audience: Sales and Marketing Organization

It’s time to recognize the theater of procurement for what it is and prepare a winning playbook that proves your essential value to your customer’s business to overcome their con.  The seller has done their homework and knows the value your offering will provide and the buyer counter offers with a promise for a tighter, more strategic relationship.  Does the seller take the bait?  This is the seller’s ultimate clutch moment—a major account is threatening to jump ship if you can’t offer additional “value”—that is, price concession. To what extent will the seller be prepared to take this purchase decision to the brink?

Attendees will learn new strategies to:

    • Establish a foundation of tangible value in the mind of the customer
    • Redefine risk as risk-reward, to communicate that you know how you drive financial results
    • Go to the edge of losing key accounts to gain the customer’s acknowledgement of your value
    • Develop a Bottom Up – Top Down strategy to align the entire sales team, including sales executives

Program 5: Build Negotiating Power with Give-Gets

Target Audience: Sales and Marketing Organization

What do you say when a customer asks for a discount?  If your answer is anything other than “no problem,” you are likely missing an essential tool in your sales toolkit. Namely, Give-Gets—product or service options that your sales team can add or subtract to meet the customer’s budget.  So when a customer asks for a discount, your response is “No problem. Let me show you what options are available at different price points.” Poker Players will object loudly, while Price Buyers will say “Thanks.”  That’s negotiation power!

Attendees will learn strategies to:

    • Build a portfolio of Give-Gets that fits your business
    • Use Give-Gets to refocus the conversation from price to value
    • Call out Poker Players by pulling out an option critical to the customer
    • Position Give-Gets as a means to offer customers choices

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