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Mayuresh Saravanakumar lays out his framework in the video below for creating a simple approach to pricing analytics success:  Identify, attack, and monitor. See also Mayuresh’s other blogs on pricing analytics including examples analyses and dashboards here.      

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We meet and work with sales managers all over the globe and a question we are asked frequently is, “Why can’t my sellers close the deal?”  It is an important question to consider, but we must first establish a few assumptions. Sellers want to close the deal – it’s how they get paid and makes them feel great! Closing is… Read More

Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations

3 Ways To Start Building an Enterprise Sales Process

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Joanna VanDeWaterWritten by Joanna VanDeWater

Most sellers follow some sort of sales process. The companies for whom they work may not label specific stages or track opportunities within them; nevertheless, the process exists. As an independent business owner, I was keenly aware of how many people I needed to contact to hold a certain number of consulting appointments to sell a certain number of products…. Read More

Drive Your Value Message with White Space

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Travis UmplebyWritten by Travis Umpleby

You are sitting across the table from an important influencer within your customer’s buying center. You scheduled this meeting to outline how your new product helps the customer’s teams improve performance. You present one customer value prop after another, so many in fact, there’s no way you can lose. Except for one thing. The value proposition that the influencer cares… Read More

Why You Need a Sales Team with Backbone

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Reed HoldenWritten by Reed Holden

Okay, so managing a sales team can be tough. You have a sales team that is in the field doing all they can to hit their numbers and you’re at half-time. You’re asking, “Will we be where we need to be at the end of the year?” The question you should be asking is, “Do your sellers have a wishbone… Read More

Bully buyer

With the media full of reported bullying incidents in politics, schools, on sports teams, and in the work place, why do so many sales professionals put up with these similar tactics demonstrated by procurement? Some bullying experiences are subtle while some are more outrageous than others – downright kamikaze!  Negotiating Backbone is imperative for today’s sellers. But why is it… Read More