Holden Advisors drives revenue and profit improvement by uncovering our clients’ business value for their customer to inform sales and pricing strategies and processes. Our team delivers backbone building processes for setting prices and defending those prices during customer negotiations. We do this with an array of consulting and sales training programs that drive real impact straight to the frontline of the customer buying experience.

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April 29-May 2, Chicago, IL

Pricing with Confidence - Interactive workshop. Lead by Mark Burton.

Do You Have a Value Gap? - Recognize the value gap & how to fill it. Lead by Carolyn Holden.


Selling Above the Funnel
By Chris Mitchell 
What to do if most prospects are 57% of the way through their decision-making process before engaging with sales? The answer is to start selling above the funnel. Easy to say, tough to do. So how do you do it?  Read on

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