Holden Advisors drives revenue and profit improvement by uncovering business value for customers. Our team delivers backbone building processes for setting prices, introducing value conversations with customers, and making sales people the champions of price strategy. We do this with consulting, coaching and training programs that drive real impact straight to the frontline of the customer buying experience.

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May 5-8 in Dallas, TX
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CPP 1-Day Course
The Sales-Pricing Partnership: How to Help Sales Win at Higher Prices; Facilitated by Chris Mitchell and Tannis Ashworth

Speaker: Alison Yama - Combat Price Pressure AND Win Over the Sales Team


Shout Out to Sales Coaches 
By Chris Mitchell
Beware of customers eagerly looking to capitalize on end of quarter desperation.   If this resonates, you might look forward to the beginning of next quarter to establish a proactive coaching plan. Read on.