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Holden Advisors is a team of pacesetters. We specialize in coaching clients to develop price to value capabilities and high impact sales negotiation skills for optimal results.   Our subject matter experts foster an outside-in view of the customer while providing a lens to diagnose and solve client’s evolving issues.  Our collaborative approach builds client capability which achieves improvement in ROS, higher average margins and improved, cross functional alignment.

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Negotiating with Backbone, Second Edition

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Holden Advisors is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of Negotiating with Backbone. This new publication offers an unsurpassed guide for every B2B salesperson facing the Procurement Buzz-sawTM. Negotiating with Backbone coaches salespeople to recognize the hidden motives used by procurement professionals, put value at the center of negotiations and avoid giving into discounts that erode profitability; the downfall of many pricing initiatives. This 2nd edition offers extensive new content on establishing and defending your value, developing crucial Give-Gets, and how to use Brinkmanship during the negotiation process to win at the right price.  

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Influencers - The Force Behind the Sales Negotiation

By Tannis Ashworth and Chris Mitchell

What role can an "Influencer" play in a sales negotiation?  Hint: A big one - and unfortunately, they can sometimes be overlooked.   

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