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Holden Advisors works collaboratively with our clients to build and drive profitable growth. We specialize in developing value capabilities and executing price through the salesforce. Our team of value-based pricing experts, sales specialists, and change agents builds cross-functional alignment and understanding of business value to transform go-to-market practices, set and get price, and enable breakout growth.

Practical and actionable insights drive results for clients:

Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations 120% uplift in profits and 100% customer retention after a price increase
Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations $65M in revenue improvement from one customer negotiation
Holden Advisors - Trusted partner to global organizations $450M growth in operating income by implementing a new approach to pricing high-value products

Value-Based Pricing

Achieve price improvements and profitable growth through value-based pricing. Learn how to align your teams around value to execute mutually beneficial growth for your organization, and your customers.

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Sales Effectiveness

Drive profit and capture transformative, profitable growth. Negotiating with Backbone is an integral part of the journey towards breakout growth, fostering an organizational ability to communicate, execute, and get paid for value.

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About Us

Holden Advisors are experts in the pricing and sales performance development space. We help our clients take control of their differential value and use it to transform their business, learn more.

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take tough negotiating tactics

Scorched Earth Negotiating

Posted 07 Jun, 2017 | Posted in: Newsletter | Tagged: ,
Reed HoldenWritten by Reed Holden

We are all used to the tough negotiators. Be they in procurement or some other part of the firm, these guys push, distort the truth, and apparently do anything to get a lower price – even if it puts their own business at risk. Lately, we have seen an escalation in negotiating tactics, including threats to stop doing business in… Read More

too focused on innovation

You Can Have Too Much Innovation

Posted 07 Jun, 2017 | Posted in: Newsletter | Tagged: ,
Ellen QuackenbushWritten by Ellen Quackenbush

Innovation is the key to revenue growth and a healthy stock price, right? Firms with innovative products and services can crush the competition with unique, market-leading offerings that command premium prices and develop an early market lead. So unleash those product developers and software engineers to innovate away! Not so fast, warns experts from MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research…. Read More

your solution has value

Lessons from the NPR Member Drive

Posted 07 Jun, 2017 | Posted in: Newsletter | Tagged: ,
Richard HarringtonWritten by Richard Harrington

As I work, I generally enjoy having music in the background. My favorite local station here in Minneapolis is The Current, a contemporary music station with a more eclectic mix than the local commercial stations. As a service provided by NPR, The Current had a member drive in the run up to Memorial Day, asking listeners to donate money to… Read More